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Noah7even PANORAMA


Heavily distorted electronic production unites intense rhythms and euphoric synths, as Noah7even composes a uniquely hypnotic and evocative debut, for PANORAMA.

Creatively inspired by the likes of Playboi Carti and Metro Boomin, PANORAMA introduces the intense energy and weight of Noah7even in a manner that’s impossible to ignore. The 21-year-old artist and boxer brings a fearless degree of explosive design and performance to the stage, and in the process delves into a clearly personal but broadly relatable subject matter.

Built around a chaotic and spiralling central riff of synths and trap rhythms, the track showcases an immersive production style and a brief but passionate vocal during the central hook.

From the outset that rising and falling synth melody is key to gifting the track a recognisable aura, then the voice, equally distorted and loaded with effects, injects a sense of personal contemplation and relationship turmoil that’s minimalist but provocative within this overwhelming realm of sound.

Emerging complete with an animated set of aptly sci-fi-soaked visuals, PANORAMA adopts a futuristic approach to modern music, subtly incorporating aspects of heavy rock and modern rap – the latter of which will be showcased all the more so, as the final version of the single will include a featured rapper.

The music accompanies this conceptual intention well, allowing listeners to escape entirely into the power and outcry of the track, as they too ponder the state of their own well-being and role within the world.

Single out June 22nd on all platforms. Stream PANORAMA. Find Noah7even on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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