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Noa Kahn Bless Nature (Live)


Smooth and colourful jazz vibes pour through with the organic embrace of a live-band set, as composer and drummer Noa Kahn delivers the extensive and aptly-awakening Bless Nature.

Renowned as one of the most influential musicians to emerge from the Israeli scene, drummer, arranger, composer and band leader Noa Kahn has earned distinctive recognition in Israel, for her unique and innovative style employed with both Noa Kahn Trio and Noa Kahn Quintet.

Having performed on some of the biggest stages in the country, alongside some of its most well-known musicians, the ability and professionalism is unquestionable, but so too is the passion and warmth of the music – purposeful and expressive as it rains down all around.

Bless Nature marks a fine example, rising up from mellow, gentle beginnings, through a wholly soulful mid-section and various solo threads from the likes of piano and trumpet. Also gifting the subtle inclusion of live audience feedback on occasion, the performance impresses and indeed effectively takes listeners right there to the scene of the delivery – a level of escapism that’s unrivaled in both precision and heart.

Beautifully-crafted, showcasing superb unity between musicians, Bless Nature quickly ignites a love for the timeless presence of jazz, but also in fact transcends the limits of genre for its energetic journey and the changing stages of emotion and power throughout.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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