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Nikolai Berk Help Me Forget


Sublime vocals up front and centre guide us emotively through this dreamy contemporary soundscape – Nikolai Berk delves into uncertainty and heartache for Help Me Forget.

Offering a sort of nostalgic pop structure, with short lines paving the way towards a brilliantly melodic shift to uplift and energise things, Help Me Forget showcases a beautiful vocal depth. The voice sits neatly at the height of the mix, creating contrast with the jazz-pop lightness of the music and captivating the listener with genuine swagger and vulnerability united.

Increasingly poetic as it makes its way through a nicely crafted three-thirty-five, Help Me Forget utilises both personal and accessible references for a song that feels unique and honest yet relatable all at once.

There’s sadness in the subject matter, but the music juxtaposes this with a breezy kind of carefree confidence and optimism. The result is something like the perfect hit of escapism for those who’ve found themselves on the sour side of a break up.

Great style, gorgeously presented – I look forward to hearing more.

Check out Nikolai Berk on Instagram & Soundcloud.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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