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Nightbird Casino Catharsis Train


Accessing precisely the emotional energy implied by its title, Nightbird Casino’s Catharsis Train takes its time to wrap around listeners with a delicately organic yet still dreamlike and calming musicality.

Rising up from simple, ambient beginnings, the single soon evolves into a pop-rock realm of anthem-like unity and big-band boldness. Always there’s a level of melancholy, keeping your interest in the lyrics, and the contrast between moments makes for a structurally satisfying and unexpected release on the whole.

Nightbird Casino keep things creative yet comfortable somehow, branching out into arena style shoegaze whilst offering a simpler, calming quilt of understanding for the more indoor, ambient music fans out there.

The final quarter veers off towards the rock core with distinctive certainty, exploding into this frenzy of energy and power – perhaps exemplifying the arrival of this Catharsis Train at some new chaotic edge. The story-line reaches its peak, the central protagonist losing himself in the moment and, ultimately, the emotional release of realisation.

A brilliant build-up, and a deeply considerate and artistically engaging song, which seems all the more appropriate as our go-to escapism or embrace during turbulent times.

Single out February 26th. Check out our in-depth interview with Nightbird Casino, follow them on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify & Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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