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Neebu Arp Madness


Ambient to energising electronica takes the reigns as Neebu releases this increasingly immersive new soundscape and single.

Instantly utilising contrast to a fine degree, Arp Madness pairs intensity of the kick drum with lightness of the hi-hats, before proceeding to weave in further layers of juxtaposition – from the relentless bass and simple melodic rise and fall, to the waves of cinematic detailing that quickly produce an enveloping atmospheric effect.

Feeling all at once nostalgic and freshly creative, there’s a retro sci-fi feel to much of the design of Arp Madness. Again, contrast is consistently a trait – that between the pace of the rhythm and the warmth of the synths, between the vintage instrumental choices and the more contemporary flavors, and indeed between the chaos and calm overall.

Ultimately, there’s a clear pattern or formula to Arp Madness, the chord pattern and this four-note progression looping and looping throughout, across over six minutes of development. Within that time, the track gains and loses intensity and energy intermittently, acting almost like the inward and outward breaths of some digital beast. The final third in particular showcases the impact of this build, allowing things to fall away to the bare essentials of quiet and contemplation, before one last regathering of intricacies and notes.

It’s around this time that the sheer skill of the production shines its light – the ability of Neebu to so intricately and precisely balance all of these layers, and deliver both simplicity of scene and complexity of feeling. Arp Madness is a minimalist affair, in some ways, but the resulting effect is surprisingly vast.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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