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Neebu The Heist


Addictive industrial rhythms create a uniquely tribal vibe as Neebu delivers the alluring and immersive new track The Heist.

Rhythm is key, and the clear sense of evolution throughout the track stands tall initially on this alone – these layers of movement and the surrounding space and implications.

Soon enough, a heavy bassline creates a thick additional lining of warmth, and provides a touch of melody akin to a more thoughtful, almost sci-fi-esque realm – aptly injecting that relevant twist of darkness and design; as per the suggestive nature of The Heist as a title.

Progressing throughout four minutes of exploration, the track keeps things fairly simple yet effective – maintaining the vibe yet building upon the energy and depths of the journey just subtly along the way.

The drums continue to change, hi-hats take the reigns just before distorted and warped synths fall in to offer a touch of euphoric passion and intensity. Then the classic drum line kicks in, another rhythmic shift, and still the very heart of the track remains recognisable.

Neebu highlights the work of a producer with a clear love for the process and the genre at hand. The approach is humble yet skilful, mildly cinematic, focusing on precisely what’s needed to keep the listener embraced as the experience unfolds.

Grab the single The Heist via Apple. Check out Neebu music on Soundcloud & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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