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Navigator Questions / God Knows


Songwriter, producer and devotedly conscious rapper Naveed Razzak – known on the scene as Navigator – leads with professionalism, passion and a strong work ethic throughout a handful of original releases.

The London artist is refreshingly open about his creative process, and as a result has rightfully built a name for himself online. The music speaks volumes on behalf of this dedication, his unique vocal style and the genre-free, creative nature of his production drawing in more and more listeners every month.

For a strong starting point, Questions delves in with artistic freedom and a deeply genuine, heart-breaking display of uncertainty and lostness. Sadly relatable, yet also personal enough to bridge that gap between listener and artist, the track feels like a diary-style outpouring of struggle amidst a bass-led, melancholy ambiance. It’s far from typical of Navigator’s style, but this is because there is no real ‘typical’ to a style so free from inhibitions.

In contrast, Dreaming takes us back to a simpler hip hop era. Flickers of jazz and a hypnotic riff-melody combine with a mellow groove, as Navigator talks us through a conceptually intriguing series of ideas; reflections on the self and the world around us.

Then there’s God Knows, a particularly interesting stand-out for its fearless intimacy and vulnerability – soothing melodies, a dreamy, exotic soundscape, and an overall sense of fun and fierce independence that’s inspiring to listen to.

Thunderstorm veers off once again, Navigator blending strings and heavy bass with lighter layers of soulful voice and a regimented, rhythmic rap vocal for another fusion of yesteryear and crisp, contemporary flavours.

Always there’s a sense of heart and togetherness to the music, a touch of personal turmoil but also a level of implied unity and a focus on the importance of connection, caring, and community. Electric guitar lights this one up and furthers the unpredictable edge that is the Navigator approach.

Strong features a soulful vocal hook for a yesteryear dance feel, before diving into a trippy alternative soundscape that again highlights the freedom of Navigator’s production. Continuing with a UK garage vibe, fast bars and a bold indie feel, the track is again nostalgic yet fresh in its relaying of a contemplative, hopeful topic.

One last release undoubtedly worth experiencing is the creative highlight Feel Good. The production is top notch, artistic EDM with a mellow yet uplifting core, plus a strangely hypnotic video of Navigator himself wandering throughout nature – retro once more, but captivating.

Feel Good has a simple, soulful hook that resolves and satisfies brilliantly. The dance energy is subtle, but there’s room for remix, and ultimately this one urges you to turn up the volume and escape into the moment. A personal favourite, from a confidently versatile and driven artist and producer.

Check out Navigator on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or via his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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