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Potential BadBoy Celebrate Life


Celebrate Life is a huge collaborative project bringing together some of the UK’s best talents from jungle, drum & bass, reggae and dance. From the offset you get a sense of optimism and celebration from the song’s title and concept, and then from the way the music explodes into action. The accompanying video adds to the positive vibes in a natural way, further lighting up the sentiment and reminding you of the perfect setting in which to enjoy this sort of track. As the brighter months approach we’re likely to be hearing a lot of this across parks, open spaces and venues – and rightfully so.

The production on the track is superb, the classic energy of drum and bass erupts into your life as if it never left. The great thing about Celebrate Life though is that your focus is far from on the genre or style of the music. The underlying vibe of the sound is uplifting, it inspires togetherness, it inspires positive thinking and hopefulness. The set-up has been arranged so that each feature takes on a verse or a scene within the project. The sound of each of these voices is distinct and unique in its own way, keeping your interest and furthering that sense of unity. Then you get the track’s hook – the melody is simple and effective, the lyrics sink in quickly, and the energy falls away for certain verses which adds a notable level of contrast; furthering the impact of the bigger moments.

It’s an awesome release, really well crafted, loaded with good vibes and offering up the high energy required to remind you things will be good – days will get longer, every moment is a blessing, life is something to be embraced and celebrated. Everyone involved in this has brought something immense, characterful and energizing to the mix and Potential BadBoy’s production work is on point. An absolute joy to hear and hopefully this gets the reception and attention it deserves.

This single is in support of the Demelza Hospice, UK – they provide support and respite for the parents and families of terminally ill children with special needs. You can watch the documentary about the project here.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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