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Organic good vibes and a mellow groove start up this new EP from Nate. Can’t No More features a quickly calming aura, poetic reflections on life, and a simple yet satisfying melody that leaves its mark with ease.

Introducing the artist as a deeply thoughtful story-teller, the style offers plenty in the way of honesty and originality, yet also holds close to the vocally effected, smooth production styles of the contemporary scene.

Zircon the EP in full brings together all of these qualities, and unites hip hop and RnB in a stylish, emotive fashion. Can’t No More is a powerful song, fairly minimalist but strong in its passion and concept. A great way to start.

The delicate guitar riff that introduced the opening song converts to a distorted, appropriately rock-esque tone, alongside an undeniably heavy bass-line, for the follow-up NateDaRockstar. Despite the weight of the soundscape and the implications of the title though, the song is just as heartfelt and poetic as the previous one, and the use of distortion alongside this subtle trap beat is stylistically refreshing. Combine that with Nate’s considerate writing style and these catchy melodies, and the whole thing connects in a relevant yet fresh way.

Keeping that organic approach at the forefront, Purpose: Let It Out is perhaps the most unexpected track of all. The simple strum of an acoustic guitar, a spoken word vocal, up front and intimate. The melancholy of ‘I’m broken, torn, some days I just feel defeated… But, why me?‘ eventually evolves into the optimism and gratitude of ‘I Love you, and because of you – I found my purpose.’

At the mid-section of the project, this track works to connect with listeners on a pure and authentic level. The production takes a backseat, the performance is raw, real, and the words reach out in a notably personal way, and taking this opportunity to be so open and calmly vulnerable will make all the difference in the long run. You get the infectious tracks as well as someone who is willing to be completely themselves.

Memories follows on beautifully – an ambient and melodic highlight, emotional and reflective of the past whilst considerate of the future. The gentle stylistic is now easily familiar, recognizable as Nate, and fits perfectly within the context of the EP.

On a similar note, Pain In My Chest brings things to a powerful finish – another openly heartfelt song of struggle and uncertainty, crafted in a bright and fairly mainstream-ready fashion. The melody and production work well to create a likable groove, and meanwhile Nate’s voice tells a story of struggle and optimism, the climb towards brighter days, the truth of the pain along the way.

This whole EP works best when listened to in full. It’s on point in terms of the current sound of hip hop and alternative pop, yet it keeps things emotionally raw, genuine, and leads with refreshing reflections on life that are likely to be all too familiar for may listeners. Well worth escaping into for a while.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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