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Nahoum Hay February


Conceptually heavy and rightfully engaging from a performance and stylistic perspective, Nahoum Hay’s February depicts a harrowing story of abuse, and blends poetic vagueness and detailed imagery in order to do so.

Beginning with a powerful vocal lead, February draws an audience for its theatre-like sense of drama and emotion. The soundscape reflects this as well as the delivery, the song progressing through a series of moments, some quiet, some intense, some bright and some unsettling, so as to tell the story both with the lyrics and the artistic integrity of the entire arrangement.

Exploring the lesser spoken of concept of male sexual abuse, February is not an easy listen – nor is its video an easy watch – but the poetic honesty and passion, along with the rise up to brightness musically, help make something memorable out of the experience. There’s an empowering finish to it, talk of joy and optimism – as if brighter things lie ahead.

Nahoum’s manner of song-writing is decidedly unique – sometimes subtle, sometimes provocative and honest in detail. February has been crafted with a clear level of focus and intention, and the results speak volumes on behalf of this.

A mighty performance and hopefully a single that will provide some sort of comfort or a sense of unity for survivors of abuse.

Download or stream February here. Check out Nahoum Hay on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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