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N2BLU Hurricane


Artistically encapsulating the concept of consistently trying to fix or save something when the storm is still unequivocally raging on all around you. N2BLU’s return this year comes in the form of that very storm. A high-energy, synth-soaked and fast-paced dance-pop track with a sincere and specific underlying sentiment.

Hurricane tackles the topic of failed relationships – those last grasps at holding onto whatever good there originally was. The track pours through as an explosive and somewhat classic, nostalgic dance piece, with a melodic pop core and a big, theatrical vocal that helps give it a real mainstream flavor.

N2BLU has mastered the art of the build-up here. Even though the subject matter is that which the vast majority of songs take on, the resulting piece delivers it in a new and unexpectedly intense, energizing manner. You even tend to forget the concept here, focusing entirely on the non-metaphorical strength and might of the hurricane.

The track is addictive, heavy, motivational, and it gears you up ready for anything – whilst reminding you, if you let it, that some things just can’t be saved.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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