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Mupsters Here To Stay (EP)


Introducing a welcomed return for Global collaborative outfit Mupsters, the new EP Here To Stay blends delicate sound-design with the powerfully emotive expression of heartfelt, poetic and personal songwriting, for a brief yet mighty collection of originals.

Building up beautifully, Fades On Me evolves across a minute-long introduction, before exploding into its riff-heavy completed state, with Incubus-style, long-form lyrical meanderings and a vocal tone that’s indie-organic in its purity and subtle presence.

Melodically resolving in a blissful manner, the song rises and rises, the passion increasing and the lyrical sense of longing, searching, proving all the more hypnotic and deeply human.

This rising aura continues, with superb guitar work and a refreshingly raw production style allowing the live sound to vastly appeal.

The fuzzy finish is something that takes the nostalgic rock fan back a little, yet with that we get authentically new writing, and a voice that feels accessible and genuinely connected to the subject matter. Fades On Me ultimately creates a mood, and embraces the listener in this vulnerability and lostness – whilst leaving its hook melody lingering indefinitely.

Structurally powerful, Mupsters arrange their tracks with style and intention – the crash of the drums, the tumble of change, the softness and distortion juxtaposed throughout. Here To Stay follows on and offers many of the same qualities, but a notably more energetic, upbeat performance and song that inspires a sense of possibility.

The sound is still that of Mupsters, always recognisable now, yet the motivational air of strength about this second track works well in shining new light on the artistry of the band; connecting with a different set of emotions.

While the vocal is somewhat organic within the mix, quiet in its natural setting and therefore lyrically distant amidst the fullness of the rock sound, this draws you in more closely – prompts a re-listen, keener interest in the thoughts and feelings at hand. My Addiction is the closing song, and nowhere does this quality ring more loudly. The melody develops in a similar way to the opener, quiet verses, nearly whispered, evolving into a passionate peak for the hook.

Indie at its most open and unedited, Here To Stay showcases Mupsters in their element – fearlessly expressive, musically united, and secure in their own sound and style.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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