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Monkeystein Seventh Sea


There’s something immediately appealing that connects on a profound level about this latest release from alternative rock band Monkeystein. Whether you were once swept away on the raw rock passion of bands like Pearl Jam or Audioslave, or you’re simply a contemporary rock fan who craves that fine balance between melody and grit – Highly Suspect come to mind more recently – the opening moments of Seventh Sea, and indeed the rest of the track as it entrancingly pours through, make for a quickly engaging and increasingly addictive audio experience.

Monkeystein approach music making with both emotion and skill, showcasing an impressive and poetic rise up from quiet reflection to energetic intensity. Seventh Sea is a gorgeously artistic piece of music and writing, one that slowly but surely envelops the listener in ideas and moments that feel genuinely new and of depth. Everything from the gentle soul of the introduction, to the outright explosive emotional peaks of the latter half, and all of the musical building blocks and bridges that support and enhance this – everything leans in the direction of authenticity and essential expression.

Seventh Sea feels like a song from somewhere far away – the sort of places the mind wanders to when the world gets a little too heavy. The song is fascinating, beautifully performed, and perfectly uplifting as it slowly grows louder and more hypnotic with every few seconds that pass. A stunning introduction to a band well worth tuning in for over the coming months and years.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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