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Mister Davey Jones Luxury (Peruvian Blend)


Aptly titled and immediately setting the mood, Mister Davey Jones returns on a high with the culturally immersive and colourful Luxury (Peruvian Blend).

Organically crafted and seductively smooth throughout, the single leads with finely presented layers of Peruvian rhythms and world-music dashes of live sound for a quickly captivating listen.

Alongside this, the spoken-word tone furthers the sultry appeal of the track, whispering images of intimacy and luxury across the slowly evolving soundscape.

Featuring subtle intricacies along the way, instrumental choices that increasingly set the vibe, additional vocals that create a sense of unity and togetherness which again suits the underlying subject matter, the song manages to maintain its magnetic connection even throughout an impressive four minutes forty. In reality, the song gathers momentum continuously, the latter half proving all the more lyrically unusual, interesting, and engaging.

Completely refreshing in style, humble and laid-back in topic and delivery, the whole thing shines new light on what’s possible when devotion, professionalism and fun join forces in modern music.

Better and better with every few bars of movement, not least of all during a melodic salsa-kissed final quarter; elevating things significantly and completing the journey with superb energy and presence.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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