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Mister Davey Jones Let It Breathe


Smooth jazz vibes bring through lo-fi keys and flickers of bass, guitar and rhythm as the unique voice of Mister Davey Jones guides us through a calming, peace-inspiring Let It Breathe.

Featuring the mellow embrace of timeless jazz with a clear contemporary overtone production-wise, Let It Breathe goes on to follow the spoken-word-style pace of Mister Davey Jones’ voice, as it offers a series of poetic references and imagery-laden scenes and ideas.

There’s an easy going progression to the whole thing, no sudden changes as per the instruction of the hook – ‘relax and let it breathe’. Towards the end we get a sudden influx of hi-hat for the live jazz feel, prompting interest in a real-time delivery from Jones. Otherwise though, the track pours through slowly and softly, calming the nerves and reminding listeners of the subtle beauties of the world.

Recognisable in tone, style and topic, Mister Davey Jones takes the time to promise something nostalgic yet refreshing with this release. Uninfluenced by the current scene, only by the overall escapism and opportunity of music in general – Let It Breathe makes for a fairly crucial go-to at this somewhat uncertain time in our lives.

Single out August 27th. Check out Mister Davey Jones on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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