Miss Money - Mrs. Parker - Stereo Stickman

Miss Money Mrs. Parker


Miss Money has crafted a summer classic with this latest release, bringing through an upbeat and colourful bounce of a track, one that leads with a simple and quickly memorable hook that’s likely to be left lingering in your mind long after listening.

Mrs. Parker¬†is an easy-going dance-hall style track but with a slightly mellow and smooth vibe on the whole. There’s a sense of fun to it all, a rhythmic delivery is accompanied by a series of well-shot visuals in the accompanying video, making for something that’s all at once familiar yet fresh enough to gather a fair few plays.

As an introduction to Miss Money, this release showcases an artist with a clear love for music and performance. Though the bulk of the experience comes in the form of that vibrant soundscape and the entrancing rhythm of the hook, there’s plenty of detail and additional character building throughout the verses, and this helps maintain your interest right the way through. Hints of auto-tune fuse well to add a contemporary hip hop twang to the track, meanwhile Miss Money’s natural fusion of influences helps drive through a joyful and laid-back level of entertainment.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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