MIKEHAZE - OPAQUE - Stereo Stickman



Powerfully hypnotic visuals accompany a dark and industrial soundscape for this striking release from LA artist MIKEHAZE.

Kicking in for barely longer than two minutes, MIKEHAZE paints a clear yet poetic picture around his listeners – a heavy bass line leads the way as a varied rap flow increases in intensity and weight throughout.

Fusing both the unique style of a creative and thoughtful artist, and the equally considerate bars and vocal tone of a rapper with something genuinely refreshing to offer, Opaque is a haunting yet satisfying and brilliantly addictive single – the sort that makes and breaks its own rules, but does so under a professionally crafted and inquisitive, intriguing blanket of depth.

The second time you hear this, that opening synth siren leads in with more of an air of anticipation – you know what’s to follow, and you look forward to the drop into rhythm and power.

MIKEHAZE balances delicacy and distortion to a subtle yet superb degree, and follows it up with brilliantly relevant lyrics – reflective of a society at breaking point, and an individual with a vast conceptual reach.

The whole thing calls out to the insomniacs and deep thinkers – as well as fans of classic and pure hip hop; who likely have been disappointed with much of the scene’s offerings in recent years.

The upcoming longer project from MIKEHAZE is well worth tuning in for. Out November 8th.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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