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Mighty Mage Do You Know


The summer return of Mighty Mage comes in the form of a mellow and heartfelt ballad, uniting soulful guitar and classic pop chord progressions, with a gentle vocal declaring loving sentiments and a catchy rhyme scheme.

Classic pop is an essential part of Do You Know, the simplicity allowing the strength of the writing to take the reins, and as such lay bare the potential for remix or reimagining in the live setting.

The song gathers momentum throughout, progressing from delicate, spacious verses to the more lyrically dense and pop-rock soaked chorus. The title is obviously present throughout, the questioning nature of the song being resolved by these statements of appreciation and observational love.

It’s a familiar but perhaps nostalgic way to write, even the use of terms like ‘natural grace’ feel very genuine and timeless in their fearless commitment to connection and the presence of a significant other.

In essence, Do You Know is a love song with nothing but love and melody, and subtle rhythms – no filler or falseness. A humble yet effective welcome back for songwriter and artist Mighty Mage.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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