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Mighty Mage The Best Of Mighty Mage


Delicate acoustic finger-picking and breathy vocal harmonies guide us hypnotically into the rise and fall of Mighty Mage’s new album.

Forgot the Way introduces things beautifully, the thoughtful songwriter showcasing a melodic strength and conceptual openness that quickly set the mood.

The full project is The Best Of Mighty Mage, promising and more than delivering a series of only the very best songs from the long-time musician and artist.

Something of a slow burner but ultimately addictive in tone and identity, Mighty Mage writes and performs from a place of genuine heart and ability – the music embraces listeners, the voice offers guidance and connection, and there’s a subtle rasp and character quality which helps make the whole style unmistakable amidst the genre.

As the fourteen-track project continues, these qualities remain but so does eclecticism – instrumentally, vocally – we’re already in a new realm for the mildly musical theatre-like All For Love, and by So Long the faster-paced acoustic power-chords are out in full force.

Arrangement matters, and the versatility between tracks helps really keep you involved. As an example, the softness of Sci Fi comes in at just the right moment – a definite favourite, not least of all for its placement within the set.

Other highlights from the collection include the four-to-the-floor familiarity and inspiring sentiments of Hold On – a cinema-style hit that rises, falls and resolves, then lingers with you indefinitely – and the folk stylings and addictive melody of Oh My; a deeply reflective, catchy number, blending melancholy and possibility in a uniquely moving way.

Mighty Mage also weaves in a couple of reggae rhythms throughout the album – Out Of The Blue and Toy lighten the mood accordingly and brighten the quieter spots effectively. Then there’s the story telling, the scenery and characters, emerging in haunting, captivating songs like Dusty Road – another stand-out and one that urges you to listen more than once.

In short, Mighty Mage lives up to his name, showcasing strength of songwriting regardless of style, and always engaging with his audience in a personal yet relatable and memorable way. This album offers exactly what it intends to – these are the best songs, and thanks to qualities like purpose, identity and precision, they work beautifully together in the album format.

Album out March 15th. Check out Mighty Mage on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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