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Microcosms Forget Us


Microcosms stylishly tumble through the speakers for this single, showcasing chaotic indie rock riffs and a grunge-like leading voice that sees the track slowly but surely gather strength and momentum as it fills the room.

Forget Us introduces the band with a raw rock aura – melodic riffs meet with distortion and a rising level of weight; all of which explodes into action as the song’s hook hits. This moment takes things from good to great, potentially moving the band away from decent indie to unmissable rock.

A live show is likely where things would really come into their own. As it stands though, the use of contrast within this song, the impressive musicianship and unity, all works well to engage, energize, and entertain. It’s a likable release, but every-time that drop to the hook hits it becomes something even better – particularly when you’re listening at volume.

The band essentially take a grungey vocal and a series of thoughtful, reflective lyrics, and forge around them an uplifting and authentic alternative rock experience – the sort that works well for the sheer energy and sound, but that also seeks to connect and provoke thought once you’ve spent a little more time and consideration with it. A great track and a band well worth looking out for over the coming months.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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