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Michael Woroniecki Legacy of Love


Michael Woroniecki’s latest release is a project that compiles a collection of heartfelt, emotionally loaded songs, often leading with conceptual thoughts and poetic reflections on life and personal turmoil.

The leading single and video release Searching For Heroes opens up the project. The sound is fairly retro, pouring through with a classic dance vibe – vintage synths and a simple bounce of a beat, with a distant, robotic vocal sound. Still the chord progression and the melody unite with the lyrics, and the production overall sees a distinctly complex structure emerge in most cases.

The song flies through with a happy hardcore energy level but a notably melancholic mood and melody – the accompanying visuals work well to captivate and evoke certain feelings; a level of awareness and understanding. The visuals showcase kindness, helping one another, inspiring action – all of which transfers in an equally inspiring way as you watch the video and listen to the words of the song.

Incidentally, in line with everything you see and hear – these references to my brethren, the scenes presented of the streets and the struggles – 100% of the money raised from the CD release will be used to help those in need; the homeless, people in prison, hospitals, troubled schools and on the streets. A worthy cause, and authentically rooted – you can hear the heart and soul in the music, and you can hear further effort and intention throughout the production and performances across this entire album.

As the project goes on, the title track takes a more mellow, ballad-like approach – dark and thoughtful, personally revealing and suggestive of vulnerabilities; a genuine attempt to connect, to drive with realness. The dance vibe builds up slowly, gradually enveloping the listener. The distant, effected vocal seems much more natural in this setting, and once the beat drops the whole thing explodes into this energetic, passionate burst of vibrancy; engaging on a whole other level. A brilliant classic dance track with a definite sense of depth at its core.

The Legacy Of Love playlist in full is one that fans of original EDM and pop-dance fusion will likely be drawn to and find blissfully easy to escape within. Tracks like Never Give Up keep the traditional trance vibes pulsating in a provocative and energizing way, whilst also creatively incorporating vocal fragments and experimental synth sounds that help build something refreshing and powerful. The motivational aspect is superb, and the louder you listen – the greater the effect.

Later on, I Was Dead is another highlight for its quirky use of vocal fragments and whispered ideas – as well as the distinctly simple, almost minimalist set-up. A few warming chords and riffs echo around you, contrasting cleverly with the darkness of the title concept – flickers of the term I Feel Alive work towards the same goal. A fascinating song that sounds genuinely unique right now – and is, thankfully, really well produced so as to let each moment rain down in just the right way.

Towards the end of the album, My Own Know Me holds on to a considerate and calming trip hop vibe. Then you get the uplifting brightness and pace of Father, along with its haunting lyricism and vocal tone that help bring through something a little more alternative. Once again, the drop is mighty.

John Three Three follows and finishes up the album with a slightly brighter, more pop-inspired track – not unlike the style of the opener, though perhaps a little more clear-cut and clean sounding. Another powerful song with a brilliant build up and drop – a great way to go out; something like retro gaming synths hit hard during the instrumental breaks.

This album in full offers both a trip down memory lane and a venture out into the creatively expressive unknown. A pleasure to lose yourself in for a while.

Stream the album in full on Spotify or download it via iTunes. Find & follow Michael Woroniecki on Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. I found this page through google and listed to this album you featured by Michael Woroniecki when I was going through some hard times and it really helped me. I’ve never heard such upbeat beautiful Christian music. great post. Thank you.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed the article and music! Didn’t even know Christian EDM was a thing so glad I found this. thank you for sharing

  3. Pretty good stuff! I liked the song Never Give Up. sweet rhythms, some nice Psytrance right there. Itd be cool if you did more instrumental music too

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