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Micah Peay Kuru


Kuru is the brand new single and video from artist Micah Peay. It’s far more accurate to use the term artist here, over simply musician or rapper, as this release offers a total trip for audiences to experience and embrace.

The music alone, throughout Kuru, is complex and ever-evolving. The detail is superb, the creativity is unstoppable, and the lyricism really presents a series of ideas and stories that come through as fresh or untold before – at least not in this kind of way. When you pair the music and the video, the result is superb and something that captivates from start to finish; leaving you a little bewildered, thinking deeply about what came to pass, and highly likely to skip back to the start for another run through.

Micah Peay is an artist who, by all accounts, seems unaffected by whatever the music world or the industry around him is doing. This means that his music and his artistry come through almost unedited – the perfect representation of whatever was initially in his mind or in his heart.

The topics touched on throughout the release are far from family friendly, there’s an underlying feeling of genuine experience and difficulty, though the way it’s been approached makes for something distinctly colorful and consistently entertaining. There’s drama and intensity, a careful balance of realness and dreamlike, and whenever the scene changes on screen the music itself spontaneously mutates into something completely new as well. The structure is unheard of in most of modern music, and that adds greatly to its appeal. You never know what to expect, or which direction things will head in next. It speaks volumes for the kind of creative that Micah Peay is, and from the sheer effort and skill displayed throughout this release – it’s likely (and hopeful) there’s a lot more in the pipeline.

Check out the full video over on Youtube. Find & follow Micah Peay on Twitter & Instagram.

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