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MC Shep Can You See Me? (Feat. Love, Soul & Harmony)


Smooth vibes return in mellow, sultry form, as MC Shep brings the contemplation and heart back to timeless RnB, with Can You See Me?

Featuring the sublime and classic vocals of Love, Soul & Harmony, Can You See Me? follows a largely acoustic soundscape of subtle layers, through a mildly rhythmic journey of rising energy and passion.

Ultimately devoted to intimacy and desire, Can You See Me? employs long-form verses to build up the anticipation as we lean towards the simplicity and satisfaction of the hook’s resolve.

The hook is brilliant, a beautifully breathy, bright and effective moment of shifting energy and presence, unexpectedly varied from the verses – the result of which is a song that feels familiar but is far from predictable.

Things build up gorgeously, the vocals gather momentum consistently, the intentions move from uncertainty to optimism, hope and possibility – belief and positive thinking. Though a personal story, these qualities ring loud in a broadly accessible way, and that gives the song an anthemic ‘our song’ kind of mood.

The final quarter in particular unites all prior layers and moments for a fitting crescendo, which quickly leaves the song’s hook and story lingering indefinitely.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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