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Max Ayeza Why Do You


Straight from the heart as always, Max Ayeza return to connect and call out discomfort, with the deeply vulnerable and genre-blending Why Do You.

Featuring their iconic blending of acoustic and pop-produced qualities, the new single also weaves in something of a nostalgic pop-rock verse melody, which progresses through stages of lostness and struggle, towards the boldness and questioning outcry of its hook.

Ultimately presenting a kind of nineties alternative vibe with the production and the structural evolution of the melody and story, Why Do You proves heart-breaking and strangely uplifting all at once. The verse melody and chord progression has a coolness about it, we only delve into the true angst and pain of the subject matter as that pre-chorus builds, and then as it resolves (or unravels itself) for the passionate peak that is the chorus.

Lyrically unique, honest and moving for its openness regarding the topic, Why Do You holds nothing back in terms of the suffering inflicted upon our protagonist by a significant other.

There seems to be equal parts scorn and longing to both the story and the leading vocalist’s devotion to it, and as such, the single further secures Max Ayeza‘s role within music – as an act unafraid to take on the heavier issues in a pure and powerful way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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