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Max Ayeza All I Want


Max Ayeza returns to start off the new year with a brilliantly colourful electro-pop anthemic celebration.

The instantly catchy All I Want brings through a multi-layered array of retro synths and keys, alongside an admittedly Taylor Swift-like vocal tone, and is quick to assert itself with a uniquely meandering melody. The result is a timeless pop song that employs equal parts melancholy and optimism to both intrigue and connect on a lasting level.

Representing something of a change of direction for indie’s Max Ayeza, All I Want speaks volumes on behalf of the upcoming album, and acts as a relatable confession of sorts – an ode to admitting your feelings for someone after keeping them under wraps for too long.

Smooth and uplifting on the production front, with some nostalgic traits in the beat and effects chosen, All I Want is both recognisable and fresh amidst the current pop landscape, and showcases the style and emotional honesty of Max Ayeza in a likable, naturally memorable way.

There’s an addictive quality to the track, not unlike so many of the breakout Swift hits, and no doubt that strength will shine brighter still throughout the new full-length project. Watch this space.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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