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Matthew Sherrard Dream Lucidity


Organic and electronic depths alike raise up the imaginative exploration of concept that is Matthew Sherrard’s Dream Lucidity.

Frontman of The Timely Tragedy, Matthew Sherrard’s affinity for music knows no limits, and the reverb-soaked warmth and arena-ready vastness of Dream Lucidity speak volumes on behalf of that.

Notably poetic, passionate yet vocally quiet – the dramatic intensity of the drumline and the distorted underlying bass adds a unique degree of contrast; creating a space within which these ideas feel authentically rooted amidst this concept of Dream Lucidity.

The arrangement and lyrics really take the listener there, so that vastness and space allows for a deeply personal experience for each individual who delves in.

At the same time as this audience-aware energy takes over, there’s also plenty to appreciate in the singer-songwriter’s own connection to the topic. The voice is effected yet emotive, doubled-up for a choir-like impact that echoes through – again in unison with that ethereal implication. Within this, however, the lyrics reflect on personal experiences, and as such we get a clear image to relate to in the form of our protagonist and leading artist.

That quality is likely to keep listeners coming back for more, the refreshing subject matter and willingness to be both vulnerable and inclusive making for an unrivaled creative space or hit of escapism. You can lose yourself in the hypnotic presence of this near six-minute journey, and feel uplifted and enlightened in the same instance.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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