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The Timely Tragedy Etherealize


Washington alt-rock outfit The Timely Tragedy deliver a mighty hit of escapism, with the bold and beautiful Etherealize.

Instrumentally brilliant, Etherealize creates an instantly engaging arena of sound, from aptly ethereal intrigue to the mighty impact of a wholly-energised, distorted rock drop. The song takes its time to kick into gear, and that journey makes it all the more worthwhile.

What begins as an alt-rock arrangement, soon brings in further juxtaposed elements – a fusion of this nostalgic indie vocal line, and a poetically observational and provocative story.

There’s something of an unexpectedly accessible, raw indie tone to the leading voice – a level of character that effectively softens the otherwise intense weight of the soundscape. It adds a level of humanity to bring things back down to the ground, then as the post-six-minute journey continues, we rise up united with our protagonist; for an explosive final quarter that’s as immersive as it is anthemic and involving.

The songwriting depicts a hint of influence from the likes of Pearl Jam, while the musicality is more notably its own beast – still live-sounding and heavy, but with that aptly-ethereal, dreamy overtone, for an ultimately inspiring, uplifting listen. The passion of the performance is key, and this rightfully increases from all musicians as the track evolves.

Etherealize releases February 17th on all platforms. Check out The Timely Tragedy on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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