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Matt Morson True Country


Carving out a fresh pathway in country rock, with rising energy and faultlessly moving, bold and beautiful vocals – singer and artist Matt Morson injects a timeless anthem of arena-rock presence into modern music.

Leading with that impeccable voice, lower-toned and raspy for the gentle introduction, later intense and mighty as it progresses through the song’s naturally growing anticipation, True Country features a less common songwriting set-up. The verse has a mellow and reflective pace, whereas the hook sees things speed up – the lyrics condense, with far more lines emerging here as the tone and tempo of delivery rises.

It’s an anthemic moment, for sure, and Morson undoubtedly meets the needs of that with his fiercely passionate performance.

Somewhat edgy or alternative at its core, the storytelling and melodic progression of True Country is anything but predictable. The country rock essence is there, the familiar building blocks required to entice a broader audience, but ultimately we get a fresh take on the genre, and a song and performance that beg for you to witness them in a live setting.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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