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Masego & Don Toliver Mystery Lady (TiN T Remix)


Refreshingly creative sound-design lights up this Masego and Don Toliver remix from producer TiN T.

Already engaging for its catchy vocals and spacious, rather infamous world-music energy (thanks to an impressive 11 million views on YouTube), TiN T takes the set-up to all the greater intriguing and more immersive realms.

Rising up from simple, almost minimalist layers, already attention-grabbing for their organic detail and the supreme nature of the mix, TiN T’s Mystery Lady goes on to unite intense bass-lines and rhythms with lighter vocal fragments and an ultimately unpredictable, briefly gamer-like and cinematically intermittent, aura.

Alt-pop appeal and generally alternative, embracive vibes stand tall throughout a pretty perfect three-minute release. Various drops hit with impact, the blending of organic horns and instruments with the retro synths, keys, various melodies and samples, all makes for a authentically unique release that urges you to pay close attention.

As an introduction to both the original and the artistic stylings of TiN T, the Mystery Lady remix works its magic with ease; and continues to raise the bar as it pours through.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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