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Martin Del Carpio The World Again


An older song, re-imagined and re-worked to reflect a contemporary, isolated society. Complete with a rising sense of brightness and possibility, as acoustic beginnings progress and evolve into fullness and optimism, The World Again looks toward the future with wide and hopeful eyes.

From a songwriting perspective, while the set-up may be fairly classic in terms of the verse-chorus structure, you actually find that the verse melodies and indeed the soundscape all lean in an unexpected, uniquely Del Carpio fashion.

The opening short lines offer a low-noted melody, simple and almost whispered, somewhat forgettable as the later sections take over. Lines like A complicated dance… Your soul vibrates… – these create intrigue, and so the role of the rest of the composition is to further encourage these feelings of wonder and depth; which it does, and beautifully so.

Enter a mildly dramatic, distant and reverb-kissed rhythm section, various subtle strings and synths that add a touch of cinematic, orchestral vastness and unity all at once, and the whole thing comes together as this blissfully epic yet strangely calm and strikingly relevant experience. We’re alone, most of us, but we’re in this together.

During the final quarter, The World, The World Again repeats, with its simple, two-note melody, and the prospect envelops you. Its minimalism cuts through the multi-layered ambiance to leave you longing for the freedom of yesteryear; or, perhaps more accurately, the safety and calm of tomorrow.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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