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Marshall Gray Leaving


From the EP Damages – organic music, distinct vocals and uniquely enthralling lyricism; Marshall Gray paints a picture of heartbreak and juxtaposed melodic optimism, with Leaving.

Indie-pop driven by pianos and guitars under a raw, home-made mix, with breathy doubled vocals and long-form expressive verses – Leaving is an alternative gem with a timeless honesty at its core.

Despite the introspective reflections of these lyrics that consistently compel you to tune in more closely, the song builds up with a classic musical resonance, and always makes sure to resolve to the simplicity of a single unforgettable line; ‘You make being alive so much harder’.

Rising energy forever raises the pace and energy of Leaving, a full band set-up ultimately igniting the space in a sort of mainstream-ready manner, while the lyrical story captivates you with equal parts of relatable and unapologetically personal reference.

Perhaps his first masterpiece, Leaving feels like a structurally knowledgeable yet still intriguingly alternative indie treasure of a track. I’ve mentioned The Eels previously in terms of that vocal rasp and warmth, the joyful twinkle of the instrumentation, but from a songwriting perspective Marshall Gray falls somewhere between the likes of the nineties emo artists and the more edgy realism of bands like Radiohead and REM.

In truth, the sound is beautifully refreshing right now, and repeatedly rewarding in terms of the depth and revelation within even just one song. Leaving is an easy highlight from the repertoire so far, but the EP Damages in full offers a journey and hit of escapism that’s at its most powerful when experienced from start to finish.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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