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Marshall Gray Anti-Hero (Taylor Swift Indie Rock Cover)


Emotionally unfiltered in both creativity and topic, songwriter Marshall Gray approaches music with a defiantly open and fearless sense of artistry and revelation.

The project Damages explores the turmoil and missteps of life’s journey, but does so with evocative and often cryptic poetry and references that connect in a profound and genuine way. The songs feel decidedly personal to the singer, but also strangely as if they were recorded purely for you; the listener. That balance makes all the difference.

Inspired by a breadth of musical heroes, from Paul Simon to AC/DC, from Phoebe Bridgers and Elliott Smith to Queen – Marshall Gray’s songwriting and song choices are the highlight of his sound. That is to say, there’s no simple desire to take the reigns within a genre, or to appeal to a certain crowd. Instead, the artist writes and performs songs that feel creatively honest, which are fun to dive into, and which, in the process of being authentic, connect in a raw and unconfined way.

From the recent four-track EP Damages, Marshall Gray takes on the iconic Taylor Swift, delivering a fast-paced and near-euphoric dance-rock cover of Anti-Hero – a completely nuanced version, somehow both gentle and upbeat. The track is increasingly likable, injecting a welcomed twist of indie rock into a memorable song, and simultaneously introducing the recognisable voice and musicality of Marshall Gray on an intriguing high.

The voice is a central trait throughout the project and Marshall Gray’s repertoire, resounding with a sort of Eels-esque whispered softness but a clear emotional grit underneath that, and standing tall regardless of whether the setting is stripped-back piano-led or fully distorted punk and alternative rock.

Marshall Gray is fascinated by stories, and as such provides a storytelling depth that’s decidedly rare amidst modern acts. His desire to take extensive experiences and compress them into bite sized poetic statements makes for a beautifully provocative listen in every case, and the EP Damages, along with this endearing cover of Anti-Hero, marks a fine introduction to that quality.

The Taylor Swift fanclub is arguably the largest community of music fans in the world, all devoted to celebrating and protecting a single creative, and despite the ocean of covers available online, there’s something distinctly unpredictable, unique and engaging about the Marshall Gray indie-original take. If you weren’t a fan of Anti-Hero before, I’d take bets that you will be after listening. And if you already were – here’s a whole new tempo and flavour to reignite your love for it.

The elusive Marshall Gray can only be found on streaming sites & YouTube. You don’t get to see every pose or meal or part of his day – you only get the music, and his focus on that shines brightly. Subscribe to stay in the loop.

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