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MAQ Light Up


Intricate design and heartfelt intentions unite beautifully, for the extensive and unmistakable orchestral journey that is MAQ’s Light Up.

Self-defined as an homage to Grammy-winning electronic creatives Deep Forest, Light Up celebrates the depth of ambient exploration and sound-design in a profound and wholly immersive fashion.

Having worked with Deep Forest for their album Symphonic, contributing symphonic orchestrations, after noting decades of admiration for the French duo in the lead-up to his own career, MAQ’s connection to the band is undeniable. As such, Light Up acts as a mighty celebration of all that music and inspiration can truly be.

Six minutes in length and consistently evolving, Light Up features multiple layers of strings, rhythms, voices and other instruments, along with superb production detail that unites humble industrial hits with tribal flavours and world-music outbursts; for an increasingly passionate, uplifting and organically euphoric audio journey.

While there are cinematic and alternative aspects to Light Up, there are also some essential threads of character throughout. The constant rhythm is one, the subtle riffs and vocal melodies another, even dashes of horns and the overall stop-start nature of the mix all proves recognisable. The completed arrangement easily delivers the blissful uplift that is the escapism of a finely-crafted soundscape.

Enchanting and hopeful, promising a sense of positivity, possibility, in all who delve in at volume, Light Up introduces a deeply emotive and unignorably skilful composer and creative. Here’s hoping there’s plenty more music to follow.

Single out January 20th – download via Apple Music. Check out MAQ on Facebook, Instagram & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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