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Madrum This Life


Simplicity and colour light up the hopeful groove and uniquely evocative arena of sound that is the UK’s own Madrum’s single This Life.

Featuring a pristine intertwining of delicate synths, a choir of breathy vocal layers and modest organic rhythms, This Life feels like a near-euphoric ode to the atmospheric musicality of eras past – as well as an inspiring and uplifting celebration of life and the world itself.

Gavin Frank and Lawrence Kelson make up Madrum, a world-music and humble ambient project that’s melodically enchanting and creatively unique. While there are familiar aspects to the style, that’s a comforting warmth to elevate the otherwise original sense of heart and mood that the band bring to modern music.

The track This Life is from a longer project of the same name, and showcases the likable fusion of instruments and natural world atmospheric details that Madrum utilise. Their repertoire is a dreamy and enchanting realm of calming escapism, and I whole-heartedly recommend you spend some time immersed in it.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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