Ltronnika - Island Breeze - Stereo Stickman

Ltronnika Island Breeze


Always a master of capturing the precise moment and energy implied by a composition’s title, Ltronnika’s latest offering becomes something else entirely once you let the music rain down amidst thoughts of the Island Breeze that inspired it.

As this track starts to play, there’s a certain air of freedom to the notes that emerge – it seems like an acoustic guitar, fingered-picked amidst a mellow dance rhythm and designed to ignite feelings of travel or holidays. Of course these are synths at work, and this is the recognisable, unmistakable sound and style of Ltronnika – these multiple layers, these varying melodies intertwining and colliding.

As the piece goes on, the mood suggested by the changing story-line begins to reflect numerous different stages in the story. This is far from a simple island breeze in itself, there are depths to the emotional backdrop, there are hints of melancholy or uncertainty woven in among those of lightness and purity. In one instance, there’s a sense of calm, of escapism from the responsibilities and weights of real life, then in another there’s a sense of urgency and quickness, a racing heart requiring something more; inspiring, energizing.

Beautifully done, not only stylish and easy to pin-point as this producer’s work, but also the kind of piece that you can turn up loud and lose yourself within – allowing the mind to wander, making for a truly immersive, powerful experience.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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