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Lowdiver Late Bloomer


There’s a rather vintage recording style to this single from Detroit’s Lowdiver, with this though you tend to simply get something of a raw and real, nostalgic aura from the song; and at the end of it, if the hook isn’t spinning around in your mind – there’s possibly something wrong with your hearing.

That initial listen is more than enough to get the hook into your head-space, the second and third listens are where you really start to come around to the whole approach though. There’s an easy to appreciate familiarity and style to the opening guitar riffs, and indeed to the short vocal lines that make up the verses – even the bass-line has a minimalist level of character that adds to the overall colourful and personality-loaded aura of the experience.

Sure it’s a raw sound, it sounds live – something you don’t get too much of these days. You can hear the band in real time, right there in the room with you, and the unity between the bass, the guitars, the melody, and the drums – a brilliant performance on the drums – is easy to get on board with. Later on, the instrumental space between lyrics creates a warm and classically enjoyable ambiance around you. Even the rise from this back to intensity and energy works brilliantly – it acts as a sort of drop, hitting with impact in a manner that requires musical skill in order to be effective.

From here on in, whenever you hear those opening, falling then rising, distorted guitar notes – you’ll know what’s coming. The distant vocal sound has an almost progressive rock or shoe-gaze feel to it, but again this adds to the nostalgia – it’s a little Pixies-like in some ways, the stop and start delivery furthers that, and so many of the lyrics stand out in their own quirky and unexpected way. They also lean back and forth between optimistic vibrancy and a slightly darker, heavier rock approach; fusing grunge and pop-rock in a creative way.

Lowdiver are a band doing this for the sheer love of the art form, and that connects well. Those who can should get themselves down to a live show.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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