Creativity at work, the sound of unexpectedly blended genres emerging as immediately likable, engaging and impressive – Illuminati G offers up a full-length album of precisely these qualities and more.

Hip Hop

It’s hard to compare the work ethic of Cesare to anyone else in independent hip hop right now. The first of yet two more brand new releases is a track that hits with memorable impact, showcasing Cesare at his peak passionately, engaged within a story-line that holds close to the intense & gritty vibe presented by the music.


Blue Eyes is an upcoming collaborative album from Justin Don and Big Juicy. The artists join forces to offer up half an hour of ambient, rhythmic hip hop – dreamlike soundscapes meet with relentless vocal flows, and story-lines that paint clear and compelling scenes around you.


Justin Don is a creative who has crafted a uniquely ambient playlist for music fans, bringing together elements of hip hop & dreamlike electronica alike, paving the way for a calming experience that’s as fit for escapism as it is those moments where we desire a little understanding or some humanity.

Alt PopHip-HopRnB

POPMFS goes hard on this full-length EP, bringing hip hop fans some absolute classic vibes and some pretty unforgettable new tracks to embrace. Where Ya Been is the perfect opener, a high energy anthem with a melodic backdrop and a multi-vocal sense of togetherness.