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Love Ghost Quiet Voices


Love Ghost are fast becoming one of the most interesting and engaging rock bands to emerge during this re-igniting of the genre. Nothing speaks more in favour of that than this latest single.

Quiet Voices is a stunner, brilliantly showcasing a powerful rise up from delicacy to weight, reinforcing the band’s ability to utilize contrast and express the meandering emotions related to an experience in a deeply artistic and genuine way.

During the verses, a relevantly quiet yet organic soundscape accompanies the lead singer’s uncertain whispers. A layer of strings again lights up a new angle in contemporary rock, and this continues to stand tall as the track gathers momentum – the later moments seeing this instrument unite with everything else as the song’s concept reaches its passionate peak.

This is categorically a song to be experienced at volume. The train journey home, the late night drive, the isolated escapism that envelops us in times of turmoil. There’s great comfort in hearing the band scream out on your behalf, and doing so in such a melodic and beautiful way.

Quiet Voices feels like the kind of addictive, alternative anthem that loners and deep thinkers would have obsessed over not too long ago. Hopefully this is indeed the dawn of a new chapter for alternative rock – for organic, authentic music; the sort that comes from a place of real depth and intention. Love Ghost are a superb band, impressing more and more-so with each new move they make.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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