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Love Ghost Beautiful Crime


Still one of the most recognisable and interesting indie bands of our time, with only the absence of a live scene leaving them hanging of late, Love Ghost once again lead with brilliantly creative songwriting for this brand new single.

Sometimes the band explode into action from the offset, their rock energy filling the room in a nostalgically powerful way. At other times, they take the space to craft something intimate and emotive. In this case, Beautiful Crime leads with a reverb-kissed sound and style that effectively tips its hat to the rise of the emo-rap scene from recent years. However, far from a band to confine themselves to any genre, the track goes on to evolve and grow more bold as it progresses.

Speaking directly on behalf of heartache, pain and uncertainty, Beautiful Crime utilises poetry and metaphor to reflect on the rising struggle of contemporary life.

As it moves along, we soon remember the initial hit of emotional songwriting amidst rock – the likes of Brand New, back in the day. Love Ghost are equally blessed with a beautifully expressive lead singer, and this particular release showcases that trait to a stunning degree. There’s a genuine ache of lostness and melancholy to the delivery – increasingly so as it progresses – and this quality unites with the rising strength of the soundscape – every layer from every band member – to ultimately envelop and embrace listeners in this shared sentiment.

In short, Beautiful Crime cries out for all of us, and leaves a gaping silent void behind when it comes to an end.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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