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Lorelei Roux Sweat


Retro-electronic dance vibes prove immediately hypnotic and impressively creative as Lorelei Roux delivers a fresh soundscape in the form of an aptly energising Sweat.

Featuring unique detailing and an equally unpredictable structure, Sweat balances gentle synth melodies with heavy bass work and relentless rhythms, showcasing an instantly awakening core but with an intriguing progression – one that consistently draws your attention back towards the intricacies.

Coming in at under the four-minute mark, the track feels much more epic than it perhaps ought to. Before we’re halfway in there’s already an entire creative shift, this haunting realm of reflective, circus-like uncertainty that takes over, before we drop back into the familiarity of these gamer-esque tones and fragments for one more rush.

Creative as ever, in short, holding close to those effective building blocks of late-night, alternative dance music, whilst injecting a clear degree of aritsitc freedom and purpose that effectively proves recognisable.

The Lorelei Roux sound is swiftly becoming one of unmistakable identity. Well-worth experiencing.

Download or stream Sweat here. Check out Lorelei Roux on Twitter, YouTube & the Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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