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LIZZard King Lover Boy EP


From romantic, cinematic spoken-word beginnings, through an equally ambient, emotive and riff-led opening song, LIZZard King keeps things contemporary yet genuine with this intimate ode to relationship complexity.

Vocally reverb-kissed and blending melody and rap in the familiar emo style of the moment, Wishing It Was Gucci proves a catchy, softly melodic electro-pop kind of introduction, blending the modern approach with just enough of a poetic and original manner of writing to connect.

Bitch Blush follows and the set-up is similar yet the pace more energetic – rhythm and clean mixing, a more upbeat delivery, all makes for a brighter and more fun-focused arrangement. Then there’s the build towards the hook, reflective again, further highlighting the depth of thought of the songwriter.

This one grows from good to great in its surprisingly contemplative progression – far more intricate and considerate than its title first implies. A definite highlight from the EP, an absolute alternative anthem that lingers indefinitely after listening.

Things soften once again for the lighter guitar tones and whispered vocal of Baby It’s Cold Out. This gentle intention soon switches gears though, as a bass-heavy beat and confident vocal take over – another catchy track with a heartfelt story at its core. LIZZard King has a way of tackling the style of today whilst injecting his own fearless level of vulnerability and honesty.

More colourful than ever creatively, the apparent sound of a uke lightening the impact all the more so, Don’t You Ever Let Me Go is another infectious track with a deeply emotional undertone. That now familiar production and voice lead the way, heavy and intimate all at once – passionate and subtly powerful.

LIZZard King pours his truth into this project, alongside a clear ear for melodic appeal, and the result is a short yet striking EP that fits well amidst the alternative hip hop and pop landscape of the decade.

Finishing things up with an intense hit of lasting emotion, angst, uncertainty and attitude, She Into lays bare another side to the artist at this crucial closing moment. The style is still in tune with the natural ways of the writer, but there’s light shone on a whole new array of feelings, and it wraps things up in an authentic and fitting manner.

All in all, the Lover Boy EP is every bit is romanticised and curious as its name suggests. It introduces the LIZZard King musicality well.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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