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The UK’s own lil ink reinvents contemporary pop with this fine example of striking production and performance alike.

Fresh from the upcoming mixtape inkytunes III, back then is a chaotic yet emotive soundscape and song, featuring soulful vocals and an overall rising sense of anticipation and energy that increasingly envelops you.

The self-produced work introduces lil ink as a unique artist in more than a single way. The latter half sees his voice meander into near-hip-hop territory, offering fragments of Just Jack or The Streets, alongside increasing instrumental weight in the form of additional intensity, distorted guitars, and a general vastness and fullness that creates a sort of live arena-style sound.

Far from the stylistics of similarly named artists, lil ink drives with uninhibited creativity and passion, delivering lashings of melody and a clear sense of character that’s likely to stand tall throughout the new mixtape.

On top of the unique production qualities, lil ink’s voice is incredibly emotive and genuine, and these lyrics add a further level of vulnerability and realness that’s refreshingly honest and connects for its purity. Speaking on UK life and relationships, nostalgia and love, Back Then is a heartfelt walk through organised chaos.

lil ink declares his feelings in a proud and unquestionable way – back then you were nothing but everything to me. It’s a relatable concept, but the sound is crafted of its own decidedly unpredictable layers and details.

At just 17 years of age, things are only bound to get all the more interesting as Ink’s skill and style evolve even further.

Out May 8th. Download or stream the music here. Subscribe to lil ink on YouTube to stay updated. Artwork by Isaac Andrews.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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