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LifeSpiral-MJR Face Forward (Feat. ASAMI, Ron Wasserman & MOJI)


Celebrating collaborative power with a mighty rock arrangement and song, FACE FORWARD brings passion, precision and inspiration to the forefront of modern music.

Featuring hard-rock riffs, distortion and the live crash of drums, Face Forward unites the talents of Japanese singer and performer ASAMI, with guitarist and producer LifeSpiral-MJR, cinematic composer MOJI, and renowned composer Ron Wasserman (creator of the original theme songs for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and X-Men: The Animated Series.

It’s one heck of a line-up, rooted in complex yet purposeful composition, elevated by energy, story, sentiment and groove.

Openly bold and theatrical yet relevant in its portrayal of this underlying idea, Face Forward utilizes live bass and guitars in unison with a fully-loaded neo-classical soundscape.

While the overall appears with a sense of vastness, the detail and use of familiar patterns and melodies throughout helps the track remain grounded and easily recognizable. The very moment that opening set-up pours through, the Face Forward experience is easy to pinpoint – even if it’s only crossed your path once before.

Featuring impassioned vocals from ASAMI amidst an otherwise soaring instrumental embrace, Face Forward is undeniably unique in both its creative presence and the clear professionalism with which it’s been crafted. At the same time, nothing is lost to quirks or excess in terms of relating to and immersing audiences – far from it.

Face Forward raises the mood, gifts a level of possibility to the listener, and simultaneously highlights the unrivaled abilities of all involved.

Download Face Forward via Apple. Find LifeSpiral-MJR on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Follow ASAMI, Ron Wasserman & MOJI.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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