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Life Never Lost Blue


Taking the emotive metal fans right back their roots with the sheer embrace of distortion and deeply moving vocals, Life Never Lost get personal and powerful, with Blue.

Introducing their sound with style and integrity, Blue showcases strength of structure and songwriting from the outset – intriguing, bass-thick verses and intimate vocals guide us softly into the story with a clear sense of impending weight.

As hoped, the song later explodes into its heavier metal tendencies with unsettling layers of production and the organic roar of distorted guitar united – alongside the pure crash of live drums. We’re consumed by the sound as it screams out on our behalf.

Somewhat raw within the mix but likeable in being so thanks to the authenticity of that live sound, Blue showcases a band born to perform in this way.

The song is uniquely written, arranged for genuine impact, and even features a creative splash of the unexpected during its final electronically-kissed quarter.

Life Never Lost have their sound, and they passionately connect with it. Due to launch an already appealing cover of the infamous Hotel California on October 28th, the band are effectively bringing together an unwavering commitment to the moment with a clear work ethic designed to build and build. Well worth tuning in for. Listen loud.

Check out Life Never Lost on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter & TikTok or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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