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Leon Hesby 1 2 3


Introducing a boldly expressive new take on contemporary pop, artist and songwriter Leon Hesby brings an edge of youthful freedom and energy to the scene, with the instantly memorable 1 2 3.

Born of a spark ignited by the infamous I Will Survive, Leon re-captured a familiar chord-pattern, free-styled his own fresh take, and ultimately carved out a whole new pop sound and song in the process.

Blending genres with fearless commitment to the cause, Leon Hesby approaches music from a place of uninhibited creative freedom. As such, 1 2 3 draws subtle inspiration from Hip Hop and Pop as much so as World Music and naturally catchy progressions.

It’s a somewhat unorthodox yet instantly recognizable style, brought together by free-flowing verses that blend melody and rap in a seamless and colourful way.

Building up with careful attention to detail, 1 2 3 arrives at an explosive chorus with equal parts precision and passion. The accompanying video reinforces this balance of elements with a simple performative thread of images, colours and humble symbolic references.

Just one single from an undoubtedly eclectic debut EP, the new project Love, Cry, Repeat Vol. 1 will release towards the end of 2023, and will likely raise the bar further still for Leon Hesby’s uniquely infectious approach to creative pop.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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