Just one single from an undoubtedly eclectic debut EP, the new project Love, Cry, Repeat Vol. 1 will release towards the end of 2023, and will likely raise the bar further still for Leon Hesby’s uniquely infectious approach to creative pop.

Dance PopPopSongwriter

Feeling partly like classic trip hop escapism from yesteryear, and partly like a notably organic, neo-jazz groove – a moment of rhythm and spontaneity captured in time – the song offers up a series of quickly appealing elements; all which combine to craft something awesomely addictive.

Trip Hop

Quality production really lets this stand tall – the sort that not only strengthens the song within but also offers numerous elements and layers that help keep it uplifting and bright sounding, right the way through.


Carry On shows us that positivity and hope don’t have to be these soft, tender things that are only talked about in more approachable pop tunes, but that they can serve an integral purpose in hip-hop as well.  


There’s a lot of longing in these songs, a lot of deep thinking and all of those things we all feel from time to time but don’t necessarily speak up about. This album gracefully screams them out for you.