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$leepy.blvd FEEL A WAY


Piano-led soulful vibes meet with mellow spoken-word bars, as rapper and artist $leepy.blvd gets melodic and thoughtful, with FEEL A WAY.

Standing tall on the strength of that nostalgic, RnB-soaked ambiance and distinctive vocal character, FEEL A WAY introduces $leepy.blvd as both a contemplative artist and a fine songwriter.

The release employs timeless creative traits, such as the simple piano, bass and beat arrangement, and the shifting structure from fast-paced verses to the memorable resolve of the hook. It’s not a catchy pop approach, but its humility meets with a similar skillset for an ultimately alternative groove that’s addictively likable.

Emotionally honest, refreshingly long-form and somewhat unpredictable in cadence and flow, FEEL A WAY has the makings of a lasting alt-pop or rap hit. The intimacy and honesty of the lyrics and delivery makes for a refreshing twist on the current landscape, and overall the performance captivates its audience thanks to heartfelt intentions and the smart, sharp nature of the writing.

All that’s needed now is for $leepy.blvd to continue down this thoughtful pathway, not impacted by industry expectation but instead focused on the expression, the art, and the identity of their own sound. I look forward to hearing more.

Download FEEL A WAY via Apple. Check out $leepy.blvd on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram the Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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