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Lance Mitchell Maybe (Feat. Iceberg Killah)


Seductive soul-pop and heavy dance production unite with breathless rap bars, as Lance Mitchell and Iceberg Killah join forces for the euphoric and energizing single Maybe.

Featuring classic and nostalgic hip hop threads of cleanly-mixed bars and mild performative traits akin to the dawn of the genre, Maybe reinforces this carefree authenticity of artistry with the employment of a uniquely bright and immersive soundscape.

Openly intertwining layers of synth, voice, bass, rhythm and warped detail, Maybe creates a timeless arena of escapism for dance fans across the board. It then goes on to weave in a fairly faultless, however retro and perhaps smile-inducing, rap flow, to further its creative reach – and to provide some inspiring reflections on modern life and the role of the self.

Increasingly thought-provoking, positively influential by nature and ultimately uplifting as it makes its way through over four-minutes of play-time, Maybe offers a subtle ear-worm of a hook to top off an already alluring, invigorating and, frankly, beautiful journey. The surface level traits are simply consequential – to listen in full is to experience the true depth and optimism of the track. Well-worth a listen.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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