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Lakotah Pesticide


Lakotah’s latest single¬†Pesticide¬†is a huge song that brings together elements of classic rock and electronica in a thick, high-energy manner. The set-up or general presentation of the song makes it emerge as something of a forgotten classic from a simpler time. The verses showcase a riding bass line, a somewhat vintage drum-line, and a simple arrangement of lyrics delivered by a fairly minimalist melody. This works well in leading up towards what is a fairly unpredictable and hard-hitting hook section. The simplicity lets each line sink in, the sound of the artist’s voice has a stylish sense of confidence about it that makes certain you pay attention. The lyrics on top of this finish the job well, leaning back and forth between ambiguous, provocative poetry, and the much more personal side of songwriter expression.

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Looking again at the song’s set-up, it’s precisely this that causes such an overwhelming effect in general. The structure allows each section to shine in its own way, though perhaps brighter than it might without such use of contrast. The further you get into the mix, the more this break down to the gentler moments settles in as familiar, as do certain lines that really stand out. Each time the hook hits, the full throttle energy of classic rock and roll smashes into action, and while you can lose yourself in this raw vibrancy and chaos, you can also eagerly anticipate the return of those now seemingly delicate moments in which the story-line works hard to offer a little clarity.

The song’s final section, the middle 8, as it were, presents a touch of resolve for the concept – this idea of the savior is one of many references that underline the passion or magnitude of the artist’s thought process when writing. Every little detail such as this works perfectly in adding to the driving force of rhythm and mightiness that brings the song to life.

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