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Always a favorite and more than worth the wait for this full-length project – producer and artist L3ON5 takes the dance-pop world by storm with a heartfelt and melodically enticing, immersive new album called Pulse.

On My Own is the opener and a leading single from the album – stylishly blending intimate, expressive vocals, addictive melodies, personal honesty and superb EDM production traits. The song makes fine use of organic structuring and electronic intensity alike. A blissful journey to kick things off with a clear sense of individuality and reflection, lyrically and in terms of the mood. Already Pulse is a project that begs for you to turn up the volume.

Injecting further experimental dance qualities is the subsequent remix of On My Own – a fresh, late-night version of the track, sampling its key lines and building upon that rhythm and pace in a unique way.

Then we get a piece called Downfall, and a contemporary hip hop or dark, late-night chill-hop soundscape emerges. This time the instrumental envelops us, the mind permitted to wander freely as the energy gathers momentum with this intriguingly crafted lead riff and contrasting bass-line.

L3ON5 makes fine use of the creative tools at his disposal, and maintains an ever-professional approach, which fuses beautifully with this youthful and emotive artistic core. His tracks promise familiarity style-wise, as well as more than a few easily recognizable intricacies.

Soulful vocals return for another piano-led and thoughtful piece that is Sunshine. Enter a build up of synths, an anticipation-loaded drum line, and an explosive instrumental hook that quickly and appropriately ignites memories of the summertime.

The remix follows, with less of a tropical vibe – more of an again late-night, industrial and pulse-racing kind of take on the original.

Standing out for its immense weight and rhythmic intensity, Destruction raises the roof with classic house vibrancy and darkness. A simple set-up yet a clear and concise focus on the movement, the pace of each drum and the magnitude of that distorted synth lead and bass-line.

Afterwards, contrast works its magic once again, as an aptly hopeful, colorful Joy follows a piano-chord progression and leads us through an uplifting dance-pop realm for one last hypnotic and comforting embrace. L3ON5 goes on to blend all of the traits from before, the track dropping in beautifully when it does, delivering quite possibly the best instrumental hook of all – complete with superb detail use and a euphoric fusion of melody and pure instrumental layers. A definite artistic highlight at the final hurdle.

There’s a timeless quality to many of these tracks, to L3ON5’s style and creatively melodic sound design in general. For all of these reasons, the project Pulse is wholly deserving of more than a few spins as and when the world’s club scenes kick back into action.

Download or stream Pulse here. Check out our interview with L30N5 to find out more about him. Find & follow him on Facebook & Instagram.

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